On Tue, May 24, 2005 at 11:29:02PM -0700, Dennis Allison wrote:
> Does ZSyncer have any problem with Zope/ZEO systems?  I have some 
> anecdotal evidence of problems as we migrate to a multiheaded Zope/ZEO
> systems architecture.

I'd be curious to hear those anecdotes. Where I work, we use zsyncer daily 
and we *always* use ZEO.

The only potential issue I could see is that ZEO adds some network
overhead to ZODB writes, increasing the chances of a conflict error
(or, in recent versions of zsyncer, a timeout).
> Is there any difficult using ZSyncer between a Zope and a Zope/ZEO 
> combination.  

> Are there problems syncing between Zope 2.6.X and 
> Zope 2.7.X systems?

We synced from 2.7.X to 2.6.X for quite a while with no observed 
problems.  (Our development systems are often more current than our
production systems.)  Never tried the other way around AFAIK.

> All the systems run ZSyncer 0.5.1.

... which, just so you know, is now different enough from the current 
codebase that if you had any problems with it, I'd be unable to give
you any advice except to upgrade :-)


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