Chris Withers wrote:
Cyrille Bonnet wrote:

It works for me so far. But if you have specific examples that I can use to improve the filter, they would be very welcome.

I think a filter is a totally abhorent way of attempting to tackle this...

OK, but again, if you have a better idea, it is welcome. Modifying 12 templates does not look much better to me.

* replace <html ...> with <html> (remove the namespace information)
* remove the login portlet: Plone uses form parameters __ac_name and __ac_password, which the W3C validator rejects as invalid.

Tee hee, so much for Plone's amazing standards compliance ;-)

Looking closer, it was actually the ids that were causing the problem. Ids can't start with _ in HTML 4.01 but it is perfectly legitimate in XHTML. So, Plone is compliant with XHTML.

I have been customising the templates in the past and it takes a lot of work, on many templates, all over the place.

Well, your filter only changes things that are in main_template...


The filter runs on the HTTPResponse object, thus changing all the HTML output, not just the ouput from main_template.

In addition, I'd like to keep the content stored in the ZODB as XHTML.


Well, looking forward, if the NZ government guidelines finally support XHTMl, we'll just need to remove the filter.

In addition, we want to be able to transform the content with XSL transformations.

Finally, Kupu and Epoz are good at producing XHTML, but don't support HTML 4.01.

And, last but not least, I can upgrade Plone without having to rework all my templates now.

Bwahahaha... the other great myth ;-)

Before, i had to modify 10-12 templates at least. Between Plone 2.0.4 and 2.0.5, these templates got changed and I had to spend 20 hours or so reworking the HTML ouput and testing. Now, when we move to Plone 2.1, I hope to do no work at all. I don't think it is a myth :-)


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