Simon ALEXANDRE wrote:

I'm new in zope and I'm trying to upload a file on zope using localfs. I already done it through a little basic html page + python script.

I would like now use it in an external method.

Here is the line added in the external method:

zipfile is the name of the file in the html form (File <INPUT TYPE="file"
NAME="zipfile" SIZE="25" VALUE="">)

I got the following error:
File "D:\\D-Side/qross/zope_gui\Extensions\", line 31, in
 exceptions.AttributeError: zipfile

I'm quite sure that my error lies in the way I reference 'zipfile' but I
don't know how to proceed

Two questions to ask yourself: what is 'self' and where would 'zipfile' be?

Since we're not in the same room, I'll answer:

'self' is the object that the method is called on.
'zipfile' is present in the request, since it comes from a form.

How would data from the request be available through the object you called the method on? But: you can get the request from the context::


should work.


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