Paul Winkler wrote at 2005-5-26 19:57 -0400:
> ...
>> >Make it so! :-)
>>       _marker = []
>>       def hasattr(obj, attr, marker):

I introduced a bug here (noticed by "Alec Mitchell").

The "marker" argument should have been "_marker=_marker".

> ...
>Are you currently running zope with a patch like this?

No, because I never really met an "hasattr" bug (although
I acknowledge that it may happen).

>Have you noticed any performance difference?
>the zope 2.6 source code contains over 700 calls to hasattr()...

We replace a small C-implemented function with a small Python one.
Although the Python function may be about 10 times slower,
the overall effect is almost surely negligible.

A higher risk comes from the fact that some Python packages may
rely on the broken "hasattr" behaviour. That's the reason why
the problem is not fixed in Python itself.

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