Andy Yates wrote at 2005-5-30 22:52 -0500:
> ...
>When you fixed the TempStorage the leak indeed slowed down
>significantly.  However, Zope still leaks memory.  If left uncheck Zope
>will still consume all available memory and crash the server.  We have
>resigned ourselves to restarting Zope every few weeks.  

Looks acceptable, doesn't it?

Such "leaks" can be caused by so called memory fragmentation.

Memory fragmentation describes the situation where the
available free memory is spread over large amounts of small blocks.

When you need a somewhat larger block, then a new large block is
requested from the OS and cut down into smaller pieces. Thus, this
block, too, may finally end up as a set of small blocks.

Memory fragmentation is something like the entropy increase in the

Restarting gives you a new world with small entropy...

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