Thanks - turns out the real error was in the file dealing with it - all
fixed now.

Thanks for the help.


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sort() on a sequence does not return anything.  It operates on the
[mutable] sequence in place.

You probably want to push this bit into a python script where you have
more elbow room, and do this:

return files[0]


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> Subject: [Zope] python question
> I may be asking this in the wrong place but I have a tal page 
> where I want to use python to display only the most recent 
> addition to a folder of files.
> I can sort the folder and return all the files easily with:
>  return sequence.sort(files, (('bobobase_modification_time', 'cmp',
> 'desc'),))
> How do I return just the most recent one? (I tried sorting 
> and then using return max(files) but that doesn't give me all 
> the properties and I need them for display) 
> Kate
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