Zope 2.7 / ZPsyopgDA / PostgreSQL7.3.4

My problem is that we're running a lot of little websites on a single server. Each site has its own zope/zpsyopg instance and its own postgresql database. But all databases are served by a single postmaster (postgresql instance).

The issue arising is that I'm reaching max_connections (and as this ties into memory, there are limits to how high I can set this without affecting the performance of the machine), while most connections sit around being idle most of the time.

I had a look at pgpool, but if I understand it correctly, it won't help (or will any other pooling solution), as it requires as many connections to the backend, as it's serving to clients. (Or did I get this wrong?) I do understand how I can reduce the number of threads within Zope to reduce the number of connections, but that only goes so far.

Is there a way how I can configure my system, so that idle connections expire when not used for a certain time? Or is there another solution to the problem?



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