2) I also need to serve up web-based forms and allow the user to create
    XML content based on a user-selected schema.  Something
    like what Chiba (http://chiba.sf.net/) is targeting.   Of course,
    though, that isn't a Python/Zope solution.  Has anyone seen anything
    that works?  At this point, installing Tomcat and Chiba is what I
    presume I'll be doing in a couple of weeks....
This one is still a big issue.  I'm presuming that neither Zope nor Python have addressed XForms.

Does anyone here know of a project which has that I can incorporate, or use with Zope/Plone?

Andreas Jung wrote:
Zope itself has no native XML support. However there are some products like
ParsedXML that provide additional functionality. You might also look at Silva CMS
which is provides native XML support.

I found some info on Silva last week, but passed over it since I'm using Plone (and cannot switch).  Will they work together?

Dennis Allison wrote:
  While you need to write appropriate External Methods and/or Products
to use it, we have found that the ReportLab pyRXP system works well.
I just found  where Uche Ogbuji wrote, in http://www.xml.com/lpt/a/2004/02/11/py-xml.html -- [Version 0.7 parser had a fatal error with input containing …] "The responses from the developers were, more or less, that PyRXP raises a fatal error when presented with XML characters with Unicode ordinal greater than U+256, regardless of how they are represented. The unfortunate upshot of this is that PyRXP 0.9 is not an XML parser."

Perhaps he's overly harsh, but since the XML files I'm dealing with are used to map between (human) languages, correct UTF-8 handling is vital.  Have you perchance tried and had success with anything beyond U+256?

I wrote:
Three questions, in order of importance (to me):

1) Is it possible to validate an (uploaded) XML file against a schema
   (currently on the Zope server)?
    What, if any, extra packages are needed?    I want to use this in my
    upload forms to alert the user if their files are invalid.
Currently, I've an Extension "browser-ish" class that takes the form.file submission (and other data), MIME encodes them and forwards them via HTTP to a Perl XML validation tool on the web that
was already running.  It's an *ugly* hack, but it works for now.
3) Is there a function built-in to Zope that allows merging XML files?
    (ie: all the <abc> within a list of user-selected files).
    I've got an Extension that works correctly (using the Amara/4Suite
    packages), so an answer here is mostly for me to learn Zope better.
Sounds like this is as good as it gets, or close enough that it wouldn't be worth the effort to change.

Thanks again,

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