John Poltorak wrote at 2005-6-3 14:03 +0100:
>Is there any way of getting a DTML document to use a page template to 
>build part of a page?

Sure: it calls the template.

>Some sample code would be handy as an illustration if what I want to do is 

Assume "template" is a template acquirable from the DTML objects
context. Then

         <dtml-var template>

will render "template".

When you want to pass arguments to "template", this looks like

         <dtml-var expr="template(a1, a2, ..., kw1=v1, kw2=... )">

The arguments are available in "template" via the predefined
variable "options". The Zope Book tells you more...

As you (hopefully) see: you use page templates in DTML like
any other (callable) object.

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