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I need some advice on how to format a page and am not sure how to explain
what I want to do but hope someone will figure out what I want to do...

Basically I have a home page consisting of a standard header and footer,
and three columns - the left and right ones also being standard, with
only  the middle column having content specific to a given page.

What I would like to do in the left column is have a set of links to
other  pages on the same website with the content of each of those links
overlaying the middle column.

There must be a fairly straightforward way of doing this using minimal
codeing, but I can't figure it out.

Can anyone give me a pointer to some sample code?

Create a ZPT and divide your template into slots (metal:define-slot) and fill the content using metal:fill-slot. Everything's documented in the Zope Book (there are *three* chapters on ZPT).


You might also research/google "css" and "columns". You may find that cascading style sheets are a big assist in this area (in conjunction with Andreas suggestion).


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