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I have major problems trying to make any sense out of many parts of the
Zope Book. Here is a typical section introducing ZPTs:-

There is no problem if you read *carefully*

Now, with your editor, save the above HTML to the URL
http://your.zope/FileLib/index_html/source.html. Notice that the URL to
save the index_html page ends in source.html. Because page templates are
dynamic, you need a way to edit the raw source of the template,
unrendered  by the page template language. Appending source.html to a
page template  gives you this raw source.

I don't know to which version of the Zope Book you refer *but* the PDF
version of the 2.6 contains a *clear* note that the URL with 'source.html'
applies *only* when using Netscape Composer or Amaya....if you read this then this URL makes perfect sense. The same chapter of the 2.7 edition does not contain this example anymore (likely for other reasons than the one you are mentioning).

To me, it says create a file called index_html - no idea what should go
into it... and then paste the contents of an example into a file called

So if you cite from the Zope Book you should cite completely. So I don't see any errors in this example.


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