Dieter Maurer wrote:
Nikko Wolf wrote at 2005-6-7 14:25 -0600:
- I do not want ANY access by unauthorized users. Obviously they
  must be able to reach a login page, and get instructions on how
  to request an account, password reset, etc.

Put all content in a subfolder of your site and
remove "View" and "Access contents information" from
I have a Plone instance named "/Home" -- do you mean that or a subfolder of it?

But of course, this killed my entire Plone installation.

I did as you suggested but (in hindsight stupidly!) did not ensure that anyone else had permissions to "View" and "Access contents information" -- so even logged in as a Manager I could not access the "/Home" folder -- including the Security tab where I would go to fix the problem.  Which seems like a design flaw, but....

Fortunately, explains about using the emergency user via "" script, so I fixed things but not until after a good bit of elevated blood pressure and a lot of profanity.

But this brings me to an issue I found weeks ago.    Whilst trying to restrict access, I find that with an non-manager user:  --- shows the root Plone page just as desired   --- shows an "insufficient privileges" page (note the lack of a trailing slash).

Any one have ideas why this is, or how to fix this?


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