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Yuri wrote at 2005-6-9 13:18 +0200:
>>Please read carefully the ZCatalog chapter of the Zope Book,
>>when you do not understand why using a new name can help you
>>with this...
> there's no mention of Indexes as "NormalizedSearchableText". There's 
>SearchableText, but It is not related to the topic...

Of course, "NormalizedSearchableText" is *not* mentioned.
It is no predefined index. Instead, you should create it.

Please reread the chapter again. You are looking for the
(general) description how the catalog interacts with the object to
determine for which values it should index the object.

Once you have understood that, you will understand
my proposal to solve your problem...

> ...
> I mean, I know that chapter, I know Zcatalog. What I want is prefilter 
>an existing, named, index.

You cannot prefilter an existing index (I told you already!).
You must create a new one, define a script with the name of
the new index and there do your normalization.
You can trust me (in this regard) ...

If you use a "ZCTextIndex", then you can keep the "SearchableText"
name for the (new!) index. In this case, you must use the name of
your normalizing script as "Indexed attributes" in the
definition of your "ZCTextIndex".

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