Nikko Wolf wrote at 2005-6-9 11:34 -0600:
> ...
>>I would model a "file" as a folder like structure containing
>>the various versions and give it the "right" behaviour.
>Currently, I've implemented scripts to do part of this -- although I 
>would not say I've "modeled" anything as much as simply "implemented" 
>scripts & ZPT to allow access in the manner needed.

"Modelling" describes the intellectual work before the implementation.

It indentifies the major use cases, looks for the primary
concepts and designs the outline of the necessary classes and
their interactions.

It is an essential preparation for the actual implementation --
for any non-trivial task...

>The issue is that there is no separation of workflow and content 
>view/actions, and there should be, since the workflow may change and I'd 
>like to use the workflow interface to handle those changes (if possible).

It is the task of the modelling phase to answer such questions.

> ...
>However my question is this -- is it necessary for me to shutdown zope 
>to snapshot the directory?

No, it is not necessary.

You should read:

>Knowing that zope is event-driven (and no sleeper thread):
>  -- is there any consistency issues of backing up (Data.fs)
>     without stopping?
>  -- is there another feature of "zopectl" that would tell
>     it to "sync" the DB to the file system? "help" gives:
>       EOF     fg         kill      quit    run   start  test
>       adduser foreground logreopen reload  shell status wait
>       debug   help       logtail   restart show  stop

No, because it is not necessary.

> ...
>I've looked but found no Zope SSL capabilities, so does this requires 
>placing Zope behind Apache, right? 

It is the easiest and most standard solution.

But there is also an SSL enabled ZServer (as a third party product).
I do not know its name -- search for it if you mistrust Apache...

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