On Mon, Jun 13, 2005 at 11:55:20AM +0530, rni users wrote:
> Hello Members,
> i m installing zope2.7.0 on red hat linux advance server 3.0

why are you installing such an old version of zope?

> ....n m trying 
> 2 create a new zope instance..but the problem is that there is no /bin 
> directory created in my zope_home folder( which is zope-2.7.0) though all 
> other
> doc ,import,lib, skel,Zserver,utilites,import, test.py,setup,py,sbin 
> etc....have been created
> is sbin similar to bin??

have you looked to see what is in it? :-)

Are you installing from RPM or something?  Of those, only
"import" is normally created in a Zope instance home...
I have generally avoided the zope packages provided by linux
distributions, because:

* they are usually way behind the current stable release.
(2.7.6, or 2.8.0 if you are comfortable with a dot-zero release).
Which is fine for playing around, but sooner or later you will have 
a need to upgrade to a version not supported by the distribution.
E.g. you may find that you *need* one of the several dozen, if not 
hundred, bugfixes and/or new features they haven't picked up yet.

* When you have installation problems, zope people on this list will 
have no idea what the hell you're talking about :-)

* Installing zope from source on linux is trivial, and
well-documented (e.g. in the online Zope Book at www.plope.com ).
> m unable to execute the command......../bin/mkzopeinstance.py
> it says no such file or directory
> from where shld i run /mkzopeinstance.py???
> m completely new to zope...

sounds like you are pretty new to linux/unix too.  Try one
of the standard ways of finding stuff on linux, such as:

        locate mkzopeinstance.py

That should tell you where it is.

If you are installing from RPM, there should be documentation
(maybe in /usr/share/doc ) explaining everything about where 
redhat puts stuff, since they apparently do it weird. 

If there is not, either complain to redhat, or install from 
source instead.


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