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> Hi Andreas,
> As I indicated in a previous email, I inherited a system that was primarily
> configured through the ZMI. Recognizing that application development through
> the ZMI imposes certain limitations (such as rudimentary version control), I
> managed the development in a manner that you suggested in your initial
> response. Given these facts, how do you suggest I improve my approach? 
> Based on the two suggestions that you generously offered, I am still puzzled
> as to how this problem can be solved. Clearly, transferring the Data.fs from
> the test server to the production server is insufficient given the user data
> mismatch. Therefore, it would seem that my only option, given the
> circumstances would be to manually replicate the configuration in the
> production server. However, my better judgment leads me to think that this
> isn't sensible. Is there no alternative? 

Zope allows free mixing of content, code and configuration, so working out
which parts are which, in order to update code and configuration while
leaving content alone, is up to you as the maintainer of the individual

If you can tell which parts of the OFS tree represent the data, vs.
which parts represent the code and configuration you want to update,
exporting the appropriate folders/objects from your development system and
importing them to your live one may do the job, or at least get you most
of the way there.

If it's not that simple - if you've got objects (eg tools) containing both
configuration and content, you can't avoid having to do a bit more work,
but that doesn't mean there's no alternative to the time-consuming and
error-prone approach of manually re-applying your changes. Anything you
can do in the ZMI can be done in code, so these configuration changes can
be scripted, and the script can be tested on a fresh copy of the live data
before being used for real.



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