You want to break out of a DTML loop but there is no loop breaking DTML syntax. 

Here is another candidate DTML work-around:

<dtml-in someSequence>
  <dtml-if someCondition> 
      whatever you do in the loop

That way, you can avoid processing past a certain point, just that the loop will run until the sequence reached the end.  Of course if your sequence is huge then this would be costly in terms of processing time and then you should play the python card.


Jim Abramson wrote:
Did you try <dtml-try> around the loop and <dtml-raise> inside of it?
Never done this myself, just a thought.


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Asad Habib wrote:
Yes, I should not be doing this but I am using DTML not ZPT 
and since 
DTML provides programming functionality and in this case 
the ability 
to loop, there should be a way to exit a loop as well.
DTML is not a complete programming language; it simply provides some
(too-) familiar structures. You may try to treat it as such, 
and can get away with it to a certain extent, but you may run 
into limitations.

If you treat it as a templating engine (which it is) you will 
find it complete.

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