Thanks Tino,

Your answer really helped me.
Basically I want to know what objects are accessed the most so that I
can plan a cache strategy. This is also helpfull just to optimize the
code in the objects that are used intensively. Also I can delete
objects that are very old and not used anymore but in big web apps is
dificult to maintain track of every tiny object that we don't use


On 6/16/05, Tino Wildenhain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 16.06.2005, 11:24 +0100 schrieb Hugo Ramos:
> > Yellow ppl,
> >
> > Is there a way to know how many times an object has been accessed
> > during current Zope's uptime?
> > Something like the activity tab in /Control_Panel/Database/main but
> > specific to each object in ZODB.
> You can enable profiling (see ZMI in Control_Panel)
> (You need to create a file for the log in the filesystem,
> change config and restart zope) where you get refcounts on
> all object but it will also cause substantial slowdown.
> E.g. nothing you use in production environment.
> Next best be it to just analyze the logfiles, for example
> Z2.log - which gives you numbers based on URL
> (Not that in a publishing process not only the object
> on the specific URL is used but also a lot parent objects,
> user, etc.
> I guess it highly depends on what you really want to do.
> --
> Tino Wildenhain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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