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I'm currently running an intranet site using Zope and Plone and our users have been experiencing a very large number of blank pages (view source shows the html, head, and body tag, but that's it) on our site. From what I can tell, nothing relevent is appearing in the logs and all my attempts to catch them or atleast acknowledge that they happened show nothing. The blank pages are also immediate and are not consistent whatsoever. I've tried googling the problem, and have found a few threads that appear to be the same issue, but they've either gone unanswered or didn't have a solid solution.

The product that by far creates the most blank pages for us is a custom one that executes code on our main server, and on average takes on average about 1 second, but can take up to a minute (rare) for a response. We currently use SOAP for this, but had the same problem when we were using ssh and rsh.

We have about 800 users that have access to the system, and maybe 20-100 people on at any given time. The server is a dual 1.3gig machine running Mandrake Linux version 2.4.25 with 512MB of ram. We're completely at a loss on what to try to alleviate this problem, and are greatful for any help or insight anyone has to give.

Mike Patterson
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