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Not at all. You could either have tried
it out ;) Or looked at the DTML documentation
in the Zope book *wink* ;)

<dtml-var expr="somemethod(parm1=value1,parm2=value2)">

Be warned: this is likely to cause loss of the namespace.
Do not forget to pass the two positional arguments (usually
as "None, _"). They are essential.

For more details, read "Calling DTML Objects" of


That looks useful.

Is there also something which explains how to call ZPTs from a DTML object?

I'm unable to pick up a passed parameter.

This is what I've conjured up:-

python:here.lib.parse_file(file=context.options['parm'],sepr=',',clone=1)"> hoping that "options['parm']" would get resolved as "ABC" but it doesn't.

Any ideas?

When you call a ZPT like::


you can get to it in the template like::





or maybe even::


Note that in the last two, I didn't need to know the name of the parameter at coding time, but could find it at runtime. If I have::

 tal:define="att string:dog"

then I can do::


The 'options' name is not contained in context. It is it's own first-class namespace.

If 'parse_file' above is a ZPT, you can ask for options/file, options/sepr, and options/clone.


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