Peter Bengtsson wrote at 2005-6-17 18:25 +0100:
> ...
>Then I don't know. 
>(The application instance is none other than zope itself. )
>I can honestly not think of a way to extract this information. I've
>even tried setting up a simple example method and I couldn't get hold
>of the zodb name of the external method that is called.
>Perhaps Andreas or Dieter can help us here??

Unlike "PythonScript", "ExternalMethod" is not prepared
to provide access to itself inside its body.
Thus, there is no general solution.

In special cases, you can find out information about
the "ExternalMethod", e.g. via "REQUEST.PUBLISHED" (in case
the "ExternalMethod" was called directly via the Web).

However, I would forget "ExternalMethod" and
instead use my "TrustedExecutables" product.
It provides trusted "PythonScript"s.
You can use what you are familiar with in "PythonScript"s
but there are no security restrictions (as in "ExternalMethod").

By default, "TrustedExecutables" only provides
file system based trusted "PythonScript" ("TrustedFSPythonScript").
The "TrustedPythonScript" is there, but it is not registered -- for
security reasons. I suggest, you keep it this way.

The best way to use "TrustedFSPythonScript" seems to be
to install "CMFCore" (which gives you "DirectoryView")
and my "SkinnedFolder".

You find my products on


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