my problem is the following...

imagine that you develop something for the customer using zope.
while developing you use the ZMI a lot... to set some settings, to create python scripts and so on. you do this on the 'devel' server.

then you deliver the solution to the customer (to the 'live' server).
you can simply copy the data.fs stuff to the live server.

after some time the either customer wants some new features, or there's a bug to fix or something like that.

now you create the fix/improvement on the devel server.

but now how do you move the improvement/fix to the live server?
you cannot just copy the data.fs over. the customer already has some content/data in it...

one way seems to be to not use the ZMI at all. you create an install python script, which calls the methods of the ZMI interface. this way works, but it seems for me to waste my time. finding the right method that the gui calls to call it from the install script seems stupid for me.

but it solves the problem. with the script i can really make the changes i need on the devel server.

so, is there a solution where i can use the ZMI?

how do you solve this kind of problem?

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