Hi. I have a nice scheme for my ordering, sorting and batch paging my summary columns for objects and sql data but I have been using urls like employee_edit_form?employee_id=42&start:int=2&sort=employee&reverse:int= 0 in my lists up till now.

These would be tal:attributes in my zpt, (a string) for href attribute so that you click to edit the appropriate record. I have hidden fields in my edit form that accept the start, sort, and reverse in the request so that when the edit is done there is a response.redirect to pass user back to the index_html on the proper page in the batch.

I am trying to use the Allow "Simple" Direct Traversal under the Advanced tab for ZSQL queries to give me nice urls when passing an id parameter to a zsql query with results in an edit form. URLs like:


This works nicely except I need the edit_form to also get my start, sort and reverse parameters and I am hoping there might be some way of setting the request in the edit_form so it is possible to use this nice zsql traversal feature. Can someone suggest a solution that would not involve direct parameter passing in the url - but in someway of setting the request so when the edit_form is called these other parameters are available in the request. Note that start, order and reverse are available variables in my index_html and change based on the batch page and column heading urls selected. I have tried using something like <tal:define="dummy python:REQUEST.set('tmp_sort', sort) to see if I could set tmp_sort in index_form and when edit_form called tmp_sort might appear in the request. Alternatively is there some type of javascript that might help with this to either pass the remaining parameters or use history in some way?

On a second note, can someone advise me of what I need to place inside the <dtml-comment> area in a filesystem zsql query so that it will use simple direct traversal.

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