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> Denis Mishunoff wrote:

>> I have a problem with my product.
>> I use Zope 2.7.5 and Plone 2.0.5.
>> I need to create the copy of Document content-type on my product's
>> install the same way as it is done in portal_types via
>> "Factory-based Type Information" option of dropdown.
>> I just need to have the copy of it and to alter some fields.

> Here's some code I stole from Chapter 8 of my book, were a 
> Folder-derived type is created in an install script::

>    from Products.CMFCore.Expression import Expression

>    # Customize types
>    types_tool=getToolByName(portal,'portal_types')

>    # New 'NewsFolder' type based on folder
>    types_tool.manage_addTypeInformation(id='NewsFolder',
>                         add_meta_type="Factory-based Type Information",
>                         typeinfo_name="CMFPlone: Plone Folder")
>    nf = getattr(types_tool, 'NewsFolder')
>    nf.manage_changeProperties(filter_content_types=1,
>                             allowed_content_types=('News Item',))
>    actions=nf._cloneActions()
>    for a in actions:
>        if a.id == 'view':
>            a.action =
> Expression('string:${object_url}/newsfolder_view')
>    nf._actions=(actions)

> After a clone of the type is made based on Plone Folder, some changes
> are made: contents are filtered, and only News Items are allowed; also
> an action is changed to point to a custom template.

> This is a better option than using the copy/paste API like you might do
> in the ZMI.

>                 --jcc

Thank you very much, Cameron. Definitelly will use it next time. This
time I decided to create the separate content type, because seems like
I will need to change some methods of it. But I will definitelly use
your solution next time ;)

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