John Poltorak wrote:

If I spend a couple of days on something and make no progress, I'd say it's 'too much work'. Wouldn't you.


I was on a course over the weekend where ordinary people in their 70's with no technical ability were knocking together websites in just a few hours with no prior training and no understanding of the underlying concepts involved. Why should Zope be just as easy?

Because Zope is hard. You can make some great sites/applications with Zope but for all except the very simplest you need

. advanced understanding of html and xml
. a thorough grounding in programming principles
. a working knowledge of Python

- and preferably all three.

Most (not all) of the people who hang out here have all three of these skill sets, and like many skilled people, they find it hard to understand that the skills they have seem arcane to beginners. You should also understand that nobody (AFAIK) is 'them' with an interest in making Zope easy and helping you. You depend on the kindness of strangers, so politeness and gratitude pay.

In addition, Zope is heading fast into even less friendly territory. DTML, which is technically 'mucky' but reasonably easy to grasp for non-programmers, is increasingly deprecated. Through-the-web editing likewise. I'm not saying these trends are bad, just that they are happening, they make the learning curve steeper, and that they lock out almost all casual users unless they have the skills noted above.

The alternative in the Zope world is Plone, where you can get a site up and rolling in very little time (as long as you are happy for it to look and operate like almost every other Plone site on the planet).

or there's PHP, where the communities are probably more newbie-friendly and there are loads of tutorials.

or you could decide that Zope does some stuff which you must have, in which case David H's stereotypical response

If you spent more time just *learning* Zope and HTML, etc and less time 
rationalizing your lack of progress everyone would be happy.

is appropriate.

Good luck.

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