On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 04:46:55PM -0500, J Cameron Cooper wrote:
> John Poltorak wrote:
> > Is 'stxfile' the actual filename? I'm not concerned about it being 
> > structured initially - just want to see it working in principle with 
> > any file containg some text.
> It's the name of an object. I made up this name for your "structure text
> file, in each of the folders A B C". You may call it as you will.
> Note: there is no such thing as a "file" in the ZODB. Everything is an
> object.


You should try clicking on the drop down menu near the Add button of ZMI.
That allows you to create a file  ;-)... 
> This is how "content" is viewed. One thing I forgot to mention: you
> would apply this template (say it's named 'special_view') to your
> folders, like:
> http://localhost/A/special_view
> http://localhost/B/special_view
> http://localhost/C/special_view
> Now, if we used a template like this (let's name it 'direct_view')::
>    <div>I'm a header</div>
>    <p tal:replace="structure context/CookedBody">
>      This is sample page content
>    </p>
>    <div>I'm a footer</div>
> we could apply it like so::
> http://localhost/A/stxfile/direct_view
> http://localhost/B/stxfile/direct_view
> http://localhost/C/stxfile/direct_view
> This is a much more typical pattern, at least for content. If you want
> to apply a wrapper to page templates, then you use macros.

I can't say I understood much of that, but this web page gave me an 
example of exactly what I wanted to do:-


Here is the code snippet which looks somewhat different to that which you 
suggested, or is it basically the same?


<!-- assume there is a file or other object containing structured
     text, and it's called foobar. -->

 <span tal:define="stx 
                   the_text here/foobar"
       tal:content="structure python:stx(the_text)">

    The structured text goes here.



The problem is finding such examples, but at least in this instance I've 
learnt something, so thanks for the help.

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