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| > Most (not all) of the people who hang out here have all three of these 
| > skill sets, and like many skilled people, they find it hard to 
| > understand that the skills they have seem arcane to beginners. You 
| > should also understand that nobody (AFAIK) is 'them' with an interest in 
| > making Zope easy and helping you. You depend on the kindness of 
| > strangers, so politeness and gratitude pay.
| Yes, I am aware of this. I also think that this list is not really 
| appropriate for newbies, but in the absence of an alternative, this is 
| where I ask my newbie questions.

There's also #zope on irc.freenode.net, although you have to put up with a
certain amount of heckling :-)

People are willing to give you direction, but, will also tell you to consult
the zope book. If you let them, they will also completely redesign your
application for you so it fits better with the way they think it should work
(so don't let them do that to you :-)

Even though #zope is sometimes a harsh mistress, it makes me proud to see
people who have survived it, helping people on the mailing lists themselves

Oh, it also pays to be patient, while people might not be talking in a flurry
of activity, someone usually has at least half-an-eye on the channel and will
respond to you eventually.

Andrew Milton
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