I run a local area network of about 200 Microsoft Windows based workstations 
and about 15 servers. The inventory consists of various pieces of information 
(make, model, serial number ...) relating to CPU, monitor, keyboard etc. At the 
present time, the computer inventory is maintained using an Excel spreadsheet. 
I would like to move/convert this inventory information into Zope, but I am 
having some difficulty in making the transition. 

My thinking is to have a hierarchy of objects. A CPU object, monitor object, 
keyboard object, tape drive, disk drives, etc. Some CPUs and monitors are 
spares and sit in a storage room. I would like to be able to use Zope and the 
ability to cut and paste objects to manage this information. If a monitor on a 
working CPU fails, I would like to be able to launch Zope, find the monitor, 
remove it from the existing system, pick one from the storage area and 
logically attach it to the working CPU. In addition, I would like to be able to 
generate reports/lists for auditing purposes. 

 |--> storage area 
 |       -> monitor
 |       -> monitor
 |       -> cpu
 |       -> keyboard
 |--> room 1
 |       -> system 1
 |            -> cpu
 |            -> monitor
 |            -> keyboard
 |       ->system 2
 |            -> cpu
 |            -> monitor
 |            ->keyboard
 |--> room 2 
 |       -> system 3
 |            -> cpu
 |            -> monitor
 |            -> keyboard
 |--> room 3 
 |       -> system 4
 |            -> cpu
 |            -> monitor
 |            -> keyboard

I have been looking for examples of how this is done within Zope, but I have 
not found any working examples. Any thoughts on how to implement a system like 
this would be much appreciated. 


John W. Spann
410.765.4427 (Work)
410.232.0730 (Pager)

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