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> It has nothing to do with a request timeout!
> >So whats the reason that this f***ing browser using HTTP1.0?
> Zope understands large parts of HTTP 1.1, among others
> the "Keep-Alive" header, but it is not fully HTTP 1.1 compliant.
> Therefore, it uses "HTTP 1.0" in its responses.
> That's probably the reason why your browser uses HTTP 1.0
> for its requests...

Ok as I understand, my solution to wait on a database report is not the best, 
because HTTP in general isn't designed to hold connections over a long time.

But what could be a solution for such a problem? Writing the report values 
with a sessionid in the database, while the is looking at a page with an 
reload metatag until I have the results? Or writing code to store a values in 
a session? This is needing a lot of work and the resulting structure will be 
getting ugly. Is there a class or something else to make it easier?

Btw. I'm using PostgreSQL with zpsycopgda 1.15 and Zope2.80, a very basic 
interface. I tried psycopg 2.00B3 but this version had problems with testing 
in the databaseadapter, so  I decided to go back to 1.15. The hole 
databaselayer in Zope is very basic, you have to take care about things, that 
should be a part of a module. I.e. it could be a great thing to put in a 
databasedefinition plus handlingdefinition to get out a complete set of 
pages, including checks on fields.

I'm worked in 1991 at a company that had a DB-RAD-System called Unique4GL 
(from Norway) that worked in a such manner with the output on a terminal. 
Since then I had never find a similar system. You had to describe the screen 
and the part of the used databasestructure and this was all.  1:n and join 
relations to display it on one screen regarding all constraints took not more 
then 10min.  Could it be possible to make such a system with Zope, based on 
the logic of HTTP?

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