Alright, I found the way to get needed user information in order to merge (create users in a dest folder).

You need an external script.  Otherwise you will not be able to access acl_users _getPassword().  Local scripts enforce this for security reasons.

So here is the external script that you can modify to your needs

# just pass in the *source* acl_users folder
def getUserData(self,acl_users):

   users = acl_users.getUsers()
   dict = {}
   for user in users:
      dict[user.getId()] = {'name' : user.getUserName(), 'password' : user._getPassword(), 'roles' : user.getRoles() }
   return dict

Then call this with a local python script:

request = context.REQUEST
users = container.getPasswords(acl_users)
for k in users:
  user = users[k]
  print k,user['password'],user['name'],user['roles']  # to test
Hope this helps you reach the "tipping point"  if you've not already gotten there.



David H didn't think thru his answer.   I do not think you can acquire *passwords* the way I indicated. If so my suggestion will not work.  The approach will work otherwise.

Maybe someone  that knows about this will pitch in.  I'm reviewing User.py now...


David H wrote:

It can be done, eg

 loop thru source.acl_users
   for each user object
     stuff REQUEST with name,password,confirm (password again) and roles, eg
     REQUEST.set('name',username), etc


Jim Abramson wrote:
merging the contents of two acl_users folders

Can it be done? (programmically obtain data from one acl_users folder and merge into another)

If not that, the ability to move selected users from one acl_users to another would be a decent plan B.

This is a one-time move, so I consider any effective solution viable, even if some manual hacking is involved.

Thanks for any help,

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