The other week someone provided me with this snippet of code for 
generating links from a list containing a description and a link:-

       <tal:block repeat="opt opts">
          <li><a     tal:content="python:opt[1]"
               tal:attributes="href python:opt[0]"></a></li>

This works fine, but now that I have used it in a template I'm finding 
that the link is being prepended with the location of the new object after 
selecting the original link. ie invoking the code above creates a link 
such as:-

After selecting org-1 the new page displays as:-

Is there something in the code above which generates the full URL?

My links list consists of simple lines such as

org-1,First link
org-2,Second Link
org-x,Another Link

How do I prepend a hardcoded path to org-1 instead of what is getting 

I would like to see the link for org-1 being generated as

irrespective of the context.


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