John Poltorak wrote:

My links list consists of simple lines such as

org-1,First link
org-2,Second Link
org-x,Another Link

How do I prepend a hardcoded path to org-1 instead of what is getting generated?

I would like to see the link for org-1 being generated as

Check the "HREF" attribute of the links in the generated HTML, and see what you are getting there; unrooted paths are appended (by the browser, not Zope) to the directory component of the source URL.

For example:       <A HREF="org-2">Second Link</A>
in a page at:
should equate to:

[If you're still having problems, be explicit on the HREF and the URL you are seeing.]

And have you tried simply replacing "org-1" in the File with ""; ?

Finally -- from the ZPT snippet, it looks like "links" is a File object, yet you put it in the URL that you say you wish. It's *sometimes* not a problem given Zope's sibling-acquisition when parsing paths, but could be.


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