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John Poltorak wrote at 2005-6-27 16:45 +0100:
Can anyone suggest how I would go about debugging a Python routine like this through Zope?

It depends what type of object you want to debug, how much
money you are ready to invest and how much comfort you need.

At one endpoint is "pdb" (the Python debugger):

  * part of Python's runtime libary (no costs)

  * archaic user interface, (almost) without any comfort

  * after code changes able to debug trusted code
    (and untrusted Python Scripts once you used
    the appropriate "allow_module" and "allow_class")
    if Zope runs in the foreground.

    The code change is adding a

         import pdb; pdb.set_trace()

At another endpoint is e.g. the commercial (!) WingIDE:

  * costs money, needs installation

  * comfortable, menu driven user interface

  * debugging of trusted code and untrusted PythonScripts

  * no code changes necessary

Hi all!
Dieter: can you send us some info about debug PythonScripts with WingIDE?

All: WingIDE is free if you develop open source. Rencently I ask them for some licences but I can't demostrate I'm working on open source and they send me 2 180 days licences (I have windows and mac plataforms). If you can demostrate you are developing open source (they only ask for the project's url) they send you permanent licences


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