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On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 21:14 +0200, Josef Meile wrote:
Do you mean this?

Are there any screen shots of it in action?

I'm not exactly sure how it works, but have feeling it won't work for me.
Yes, that's what Paul meant. I tried it once and it is not difficult to
install. You just have to follow the *README* and configure it to start
the editor you want according to the file type. You can edit word and
excel files, bitmaps, python scripts, dtml, zpt, and much more. Off
course you need to have the editor programs installed on the client

There were some bugs with excel and word, but I read in the link you
posted that they are likely solved (or I hope so :-)).

Yep.  Lots of Excel and Word plugin fixes.  One particularly egregious
bug that was fixed: if a user exited Word/Excel without saving first and
got the nag dialog that asked him if he wants to save the file, the file
wouldn't be saved and no error would be presented.  Another
Excel-specific bug was fixed inasmuch as EE would sporadically throw an
error if a user was "camping" on an input cell due to COM async

- C

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I've been following this discussion with some interest as I have never been able to get ExternalEditor to work for me. Now, that said, I have it confiured enough that it will present me with an editor and a file (WinWord) by clicking on the pencil. But I am confused on two points: 1.) When Word opens a document it presents me with text without any formatting. Also gives me metadata, URL, cookie info etc. Is this how it is supposed to work? 2.) When I save the work, I don't know where is goes or how to get it back to my plone site.
Just seems that the documentation gets vague on these issues.
Looking for some enlightenment.
ken wood

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