Gautam Saha wrote at 2005-6-28 09:51 -0500:
>I have a simple schema based on the "Article" ArchExample schema  which
>uses the " RichWidget" for file  upload.
>The product worked fine in Zope2.6.1/Plone1 but does not work in
>I am getting a  "RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded" error
>while trying to view the uploaded file
> ...
>Module OFS.SimpleItem, line 76, in <lambda>
>RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded (Also, an error occurred
>while attempting to render the standard error message.)

This is a bug in "OFS.SimpleItem.Item" which defined
"getId" in terms of "__name__" and "__name__" in terms of
"getId" (which obviously is unhealthy).

The bug it triggered when an item is constructed that
neither got an explicit "id" nor "__name__".

> ...
>Could someone please tell me where/what code I should make this changes?

"OFS.SimpleItem.Item_w_Name" uses the Python hierarchical access

This translates into the file path "OFS/" (the module
part of the Python access path) and there the object "Item_w_Name"
(a class in this case).

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