Pascal Peregrina wrote at 2005-6-27 20:50 +0200:
>Well, what about :
>    p= gP()
>    return 

It travels to your server.

It might even get a return value (in case, it is a Zope server)
but not necessarily what we expect.

I hate unrestricted "try: ... except: ...".

   They often tend to obscure bugs that should be revealed.

   They are unsafe when persistent objects are affected.

>I will test your patch, not sure about the 
>+    s_class = getattr(s, '__class__', None)
>+    gpp_class = getattr(s, '__class__', None)

The second is definitely wrong. The "s" needs to be "gP".

The 3 lines should check whether "s" and "s.getPhysicalPath"
have the same class (as is the case when "s" is an

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