Rob Boyd wrote:
I'm stuck this, and would appreciate help or pointers.

I have a form with 2 selection drop-downs. I want the user's choice of
select 1 to drive the options displayed in select 2. When the user
makes a selection in select 1, onChange calls a Javascript function
that should write select 2 options based on the result of a call to a
Python script, passing the select 1 choice as an argument to the Python

But: I cannot get the Javascript var into the namespace that the TALES
expression knows about.


function makeDropDown() {
  var widget = document.getElementById('select1');
  var choice = widget.options[widget.selectedIndex].value;
  var data = [result of calling Python script 'foo(arg)' with

This is impossible, at least in a single request. You are trying to mix server-side and client-side actions.

You would have to make a new request on the server with the contents of 'choice' in order to get it processed. This can be done with XML-RPC or some other options; look up 'AJAX' to get a feel for this.

Alternately, if you have a known list of values for 'choice' you could generate all the 'data' values for each 'choice' value, encode them in the page's javascript, and look them up client-side.


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