See:  (which I have not yet used).

Andreas Jung wrote:
--On 30. Juni 2005 13:48:19 +0200 gabor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

generally.. if i have a reference to an object.
how do i find out what his methods are?

By determining its class or meta_type and then by checking the related documentation, source code of the class or its base classes? Of course type() does not work in RestrictedPython. Bascially you should know the objects you're dealing with...otherwise this sounds like a problem with your application to me :-) Otherwise use type() from within unrestricted code.

While this may be the most direct answer, on my system there are ~2200 Python source files for Zope+Plone. Most of the objects I've tried to inspect through source code have had multiple parent classes, and some of the parent classes did, too.

Consequently it can be a long and tedious undertaking to simply find out which method or attribute name to use, eg: title, Title, getTitle(), get_title(), Title() ... etc.

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
usually i would simply call dir() or type() on the result object,
but those are forbidden in zope.

how do you usually solve this?

External methods. You might even want to have a general debugging
script lying around that you can use to exploit dir() and type() and
__class__.__name__ from your zope.
Bare in mind that there's a security reason why these aren't available
in zope but if it's only you using the tools, it's safe.

Peter (or anyone else) -- do you have an Extension that you'd be willing to share? Or is there one already on that I missed?

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