I'm building an application in Zope 3. I have a
container object called a PropertyFolder, which holds
Property objects.

* Repeating over contained items.

I'm trying to create a view which displays a list of
all the Property objects in a property folder. I've
tried doing this as described in the ZPT chapter of
the Zope Book (2.6 edition), using a tal:repeat
statement, but I can't seem to get it working. Has
something changed in Zope 3? I've tried looking in the
Zope 3 book, but none of the references to tal:repeat
in there seem to be used for this type of thing.

* Accessing adapters in ZPT

I've created an adapter that provides a method called
getStars that can be used on Property objects. Can I
access this directly from my ZPT, as I can any other
attribute of a property object? At the moment I've got
it implemented via a Python view class, so my ZPT
accesses it like:

<div class="field" tal:content="view/stars" />

but other attributes can be accessed like:

<div class="field" tal:content="context/description"

so I guess I want to be able to do:

<div class="field" tal:content="context/getStars" />

and negate the need for the Python View Class, which
only says:

    def stars(self):
        """Get the stars for the property"""
        rate = IPropertyRate(self.context)
        stars = rate.getStars()
        return stars

Thanks in advance for any tips.


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