I believe it was Jens that gave me the how-to on how to migrate an
existing Zope 2.5.1 install using LDAPUserFolder for authentication to
Zope 2.8.  Below is his response with some of my questions:

- Get the latest released LDAPUserFolder version and install it into  
your new Zope 2.8-based instance

I have done this.  

- Make a backup copy of your old ZODB

If you mean the Data.fs, then this is done also.

- Log into a 2.5.1-based instance as the emergency user (-> see doc/ 
SECURITY.txt in your 2.5.1 Zope installation about how to create one) 

I can't do this part because I was left with no info in regards to what
the credentials are as the emergency user.  I have located the access
file though.  Can I delete this file and create a new one documented in

- if you don't have a LDAPUserFolder in the Zope root you can skip  
that and log in as a Manager user from the root user folder

The LDAPUserFolder is in the root of the Zope instance and that is the
only place it is located.  The original acl_user folder is gone leaving
only the acl_user folder with the LDAPUserFolder code.

- Delete every single LDAPUserFolder instance you have

I can do that as long as I am guaranteed that I will be able to log in
as the emergency user and as long as when I restore the backed up
Data.fs, I will be back to where I started after the migration.

- Stop Zope
- Copy the Data.fs into your Zope 2.8-based sandbox

I am assuming you mean the cleaned up version with no instances of the
old LDAPUserFolder.

- If you had a LDAPUserFolder at the root, make sure you're set up  
for an emergency user
- Start Zope and log in either as an emergency user or a root user  
folder manager
- Recreate all LDAPUserFolder instances.

Just need one, at the root.  From there, upon logging in, if you are in
our LDAP with the right credentials, then you can manage Zope.


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