Hi all!

I've been hacking together a few seperate paypal IPN connections, some code from basion, and some from random web scrapings... Anyway... Things are working for the most part, except that this method for some reason dies when using urllib.urlopen(), and what is really wierd is that I get no error message, it just hangs.

I am running an older version of zope, but I have never seen this behaviour before. The debug (-D) flag is set in start.

here is the code I am using... As far as I can tell my syntax is proper... ???

def paypal_notify(self,address_street='',address_zip='',first_name='',last_name='',payer_business_name='',payer_email='', payer_id='',payer_status='',residence_country='',quantity='',receiver_email='',receiver_id='',custom='',invoice='',
num_cart_items='',parent_txn_id='',payment_date='',payment_status='',payment_type='', pending_reason='',reason_code='',txn_id='',txn_type='',exchange_rate='',mc_currency='',mc_fee='', mc_gross='', mc_handling='',payment_gross='',settle_amount='',settle_currency='', auction_buyer_id='',auction_closing_date='',auction_multi_item='',for_auction='', option_name1='',option_name2='',option_selection1='',option_selection2='',tax='', subscr_date='',subscr_effective='',period1='',period2='',period3='',amount1='', amount2='',amount3='',mc_amount1='',mc_amount2='',mc_amount3='',recurring='', reattempt='',retry_at='', recur_times='',username='',password='',subscr_id='',test_ipn=0,REQUEST=None):
       """ take a IPN from paypal, and update the database """
       print "Initiating paypal IPN"
       # they want us to send back their same shite (and we've just nicely
       # deblocked it from the REQUEST...)
       print "DEBUG = STARTING"
       requestform = REQUEST.form
       print requestform['quantity'] # debug test
       requestform['cmd'] = '_notify-validate'
       print requestform
       print "sending request back to paypal"
       requestparams = urllib.urlencode(requestform)
       print "DEBUG = Encoded Request"
       print requestparams
data = urllib.urlopen('https://www.sandbox.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr', requestform)
       print "DEBUG = urlretrieved"
       print data.read()
       print "DEBUG = DATA READ"


I see all my debug print commands until "encoded Request" and requestparams, so it is getting lost on the urlopen call.

Thanks for any help or tips.  I'll post the final IPN method when I'm done.


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