Do you mean external methods with db api for 1)?

I find I can use a plain statement like this in DTML ... but I cannot make it conditional. To bad you couldn't use ZPT instead to make ZSQL methods since it is XML or even some kind of XML schema just for making queries. It wouldn't have to be that rich to get pretty much all the SQL commands in it. You could embed as well this way so long as it validated.

a_table.an_array_field[<dtml-sqlvar an_array_key type="int">][2] = <dtml-sqlvar an_array_key type="string">

For 2) I am not understanding how a new dtml will solve this?


On Friday, July 8, 2005, at 02:16 PM, Jonathan wrote:

You cannot embed one dtml tag within another dtml tag.
A couple of possible work-arounds:
1) use a python script to return the values you need
2) create a python script which 'builds' a new dtml script and then execute the new script (ugly, but it works - not very efficient, so how often you run this will be a factor).
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