Chris Withers wrote at 2005-7-13 09:40 +0100:
>Ever noticed how tracebacks from ZPT are actually quite useful when 
>viewed through the error_log object, but totally useless when they fail, 
>say, in a unit test?
>This bugged me, so I had a dig, and just discovered this cool monkey 
>patch, to be inserted in any module that gets imported before an 
>exception is raised:

I had a similar experience but solved it by modifying
"zLOG.EventLogger.log" in the following way:

# DM 2005-06-27: Zope style tracebacks
from zExceptions.ExceptionFormatter import format_exception
        # DM 2005-06-27: we now use Zope's traceback format because
        #  it is more informative
        #self.logger.log(level, msg, exc_info=(error is not None))
        exc_class = sys.exc_info()[0]
        if error and exc_class is not None: # Note: "error" is a boolean!
            msg += '\n' + ''.join(format_exception(*sys.exc_info()))
        self.logger.log(level, msg)

Maybe, code like this should move into the Zope core?

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