I recently installed TextIndexNG2 2.1.1 on a system running Zope 2.7.6 on Fedora Core 3. I've been running some comparison tests with ZCTextIndex, which is what our site currently uses. We're indexing around 50,000 objects at the moment. For TextIndexNG2, this is the configuration:

Indexed attributes       keywordSearchSource
Default encoding        utf-8
Storage         StandardStorage
Stemmer         english
Splitter: casefolding   enabled
Splitter: index single characters       disabled
Splitter: max. length of splitted words         64
Splitter: separator characters  .+-_@
Default query parser    PyQueryParser
Autoexpansion   disabled
Stopwords       english
Normalizer      European
Use converters  disabled
Near distance   
Left truncation         disabled

I've been struck that if the number of search hits is high, TextIndexNG2 is much slower than ZCTextIndex. For example, if I do a search on 'podcast' (our site deals w/ podcasting) I get about 14,000 hits. ZCTextIndex returns the results in about 0.1 seconds; TextIndexNG2 takes 31 seconds or 300 times longer. In general, the more hits there are, the bigger the difference between the two search indexes.

TextIndexNG2 is great: it has many features that we really want and perhaps the cost of those features is performance vis-a-vis ZCTextIndex. But I'm hoping that maybe I've overlooked an obvious or not-so-obvious configuration issue that will enable me to speed up TextIndexNG2.

Thanks for any advice.

Francis Kelly

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