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Jonathan wrote:
> I have encountered an unusual situation which I believe may be related
> to collector item #505  (http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/505 -
> ZCTextUndex should not hold a reference to a lexicon).
> Prior to performing a ZCatalog update I cleared the catalog (using the
> clear catalog option under the Advanced tab of the ZMI); then, to clear
> out the Lexicon, I deleted the Lexicon and created a new Lexicon (id of
> both was 'Lexicon').
> I then added about 805,000 records to the ZCatalog (which went smoothly)
> and tested catalog searches - all went well, including globbing
> searches, 'and', 'and not' searches.
> The previous Lexicon had 764,410 word entries.  The current Lexicon has
> 0 word entries.
> The ZCatalog and ZCTextIndex appear to be working ok, so I am guessing
> that somehow the ZCTextIndex is using a 'hidden/old' version of the
> Lexicon (not the newly created version) - which is very strange, as the
> .fs file was packed prior to the update (so any old versions should have
> been deleted).
> This activity was all performed on a linux server running zope 2.6.1
> Finally, the questions:
> 1) Can ZCTextIndex really be using the some other version of the Lexicon
> (which I can not access via the ZMI)?

Yes, it can.  The ZCTextIndex holds an attribute, 'index', which is an
instance of either OkapiIndex or CosineIndex.  That subobject also holds
a reference to the lexicon, which is the reason for the collector follow-up:

 = Comment - Entry #2 by Caseman on Aug 14, 2002 5:45 pm

 Partial fix in place. I still need to resolve the deeper reference held
 in the actual index object that ZCTextIndex delegates to (more fun and

> 2) Was Collector Item #505 ever fixed (I can not find a reference to
> issue #505 in any of the zope change logs)?

No, it has not been fixed.  The workaround in your case is to delete the
entire ZCTextIndex, re-add it, and re-index your content.  You might be
able to revivify the current lexicon by opening the database yourself,
but the risk / reward ratio is pretty steep, compared to just recreating
the index.

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