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Tino Wildenhain wrote:
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i need to store some data as long as the user is logged on to zope.
how can i achieve this?

using the session is not a good idea, because some parts of the code simply call session.clear() (i did not write that part).

if everything fails, i can use a singleton where i put a dictionary based on some-kind-of user-id... but i'd like to avoid that if possible (don't want to think about the multi-user-asking-at-the-same-time problems)..

is there any place where i could attach my data structure?

you could store the data in a cookie on the user's pc, or create a dictionary and store it in a temp_folder (stored in ram, not persistant). The dictionary would only work if you had a reliable way to identify a returning user (ie. do they log in with an ID that you could use as the dictionary key?).



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