Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I did a refactory in the module of CMFCore from SVN. I want to use my ZSQLs from the filesystem and I improved the module to better support to this feature.

First of all, CMF-related items are better discussed on the zope- [EMAIL PROTECTED] list.


Can you explain how your changes "better support" ZSQL methods on the file system? They work perfectly fine the way they are.

The actual implemantation parsing a code with <dtml-comment></dtml-comment> tags in its body, with the arguments list. I think it's ugly.

# parse parameters
start = data.find('<dtml-comment>')
end   = data.find('</dtml-comment>')
if start==-1 or end==-1 or start>end:
    raise ValueError,'Could not find parameter block'
block = data[start+14:end]

So, the entire data information is submited in template, or either, the body of zsql method receives <dtml-comment> tags and the arguments list too. I don't know how can it work!?

self.manage_edit(title, connection_id, arguments, template=data)

In the top of template has a comment:

(not yet) Customizable ZSQL methods that come from the filesystem.

I think (not yet) means this module is not working yet, and it is my impression after my tests and analisys the code!

Oh, and what exactly is not working about the CMF Subversion repository?

I am using Plone 2.1, following the instruction:

It worked fine 2 days ago, but now it give me a timeout exception.

Forgives myself for trying to help the community!

Jean Ferri
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