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Subject: Re: [Zope] Added Product Doesn't Show Up In ZMI

> I'm trying to get the Issue Dealer
> (http://www.nidelven-it.no/products/issue_dealer) product > up-and-running
> on my Zope install (FreeBSD 4.11, Zope 2.7.1, Python 2.3.4). According
> to the Issue Dealer docs, I should simply be able to unzip it into the
> Products directory, restart Zope, and go, just like normal.
> I've done this, however, and nothing happens. Issue Dealer doesn't show
> up in /Control_Panel/Products, or the [Add] dropdown. No broken
> products, no nothing.
> Nothing looks at all unusual in the Products directory on the file
> system.
> I've tried rebooting the machine and restarting from the ZMI, to no
> avail.

Make sure that you have a '__init__.py' file in the top level directory

IssueDealer installs several folders in the Products subdirectory:

  > IssueDealer
  > IssueDealerWebLog
  > IssueDealerEpoz
  > IssueDealerWebLogAddOn
  > IssueDealerWebDAVPublisher
  > IssueDealerFAQAddOn
  > HTMLTools

Each of these directories has its own '__init__.py'.

the Issue Dealer subdirectory tree, and also check to see if there are
messages in the log file (.../zope/var/logger.log or something similar).

No errors are showing up in the logs files.

Any other ideas? I contacted the IssueDealer team last week, but haven't
heard a peep.

The only other suggestion I have is to dig thru the IssueDealer source code and try to debug it yourself (given that there is no help from the author). If you are not familiar with zope product development you can google for:

site:www.zope.org boring product
site:www.zope.org simple product

Warning: debugging someone else's product may not be a trivial exercise if you are not familiar with zope product development (and python)!


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