>> I have a few questions about Plone (in some extent CMF/Zope):
>> 1)How to manipulate versioning in Plone? (like CPS does)
>> I know there is PLIP8, but it is still a proposal, isn't it?

>have a look at CMFEditions on svn.plone.org/collective . it is also
>published on plone.org site
>we have publieshed an alpha release, and hope to fix the remaining bug
>over the summer, please feel free to contribute. On
>sourceforge.net/projects/collective you can find the
>"collective-versioning" which we use to discuss on subject and
>coordinate the effort.

Ok, I will check this.

>> 2)How to store and catalog huge document collections?
>> -LocalFS + ZCatalog?
>what do you mean with "huge"?

In a first moment some tens of gigas (20 to 30 Gbs).
In two or three years, some 100, 200 Gb

>> -Implement mapping and indexing in a relational DB?

>google for shane's apelib or look int svn.plone.org/archetypes

Is APE stable?

> (I have also de ERP5's ZSQLCatalog option...)
>> 3)Is there any product or Plone plug-in that allows enhanced searches
>> through thesaurus or ontologies, or something like this?
>> I know there are Ontobroker and Gnowsys, but I would like
>> to have something simpler to work on top of Plone.

>nothing ready i think, but for a generic library that enables you to
>perform complex queries over a catalog google fro Dieter's AdvancedQuery
>product. Also, it is possible to implement ontologies in plone using
>Archetypes references and maybe using the Relations product (always from
>Archetypes svn o)

Interesting, I will also check this!

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