Asad Habib wrote at 2005-7-25 09:24 -0400:
>Well, nothing has changed in the mail server setup so I don't know why
>this error is being thrown.

I have been wrong. The message does not originate from your
mail server.

>Where can I access smtplib (I cannot locate
>this Python library in my Zope hierarchy)?

"smtplib" is part of the Python runtime library.

>Someone else also reported
>receiving this error as I discovered on Google but the issue was not
>resolved. Any help would be appreciated.

Looking at the "smtplib" source and your traceback reveals:

  "smtplib.SMTP.__init__" is trying to determine the
  local hostname. The code looks like this:

        if local_hostname is not None:
            self.local_hostname = local_hostname
            # RFC 2821 says we should use the fqdn in the EHLO/HELO verb, and
            # if that can't be calculated, that we should use a domain literal
            # instead (essentially an encoded IP address like [A.B.C.D]).
            fqdn = socket.getfqdn()
            if '.' in fqdn:
                self.local_hostname = fqdn
                # We can't find an fqdn hostname, so use a domain literal
                addr = socket.gethostbyname(socket.gethostname())
# your exception is raised in the line above
                self.local_hostname = '[%s]' % addr

This means that you local system is in a strange state.
Probably, it is unable to determine its hostname.

Try (in an interactive Python interpreter):

    import socket

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